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Things to do in Delhi, when you're up for a day!

21st June 2017 What comes to your mind when you hear, Delhi? The national capital, a metro city, traffic jams etc, yes? But no, Delhi is something more than this.
From Mumbai, I took a flight to Delhi, a short trip, so you know you've to preplan your schedule so that you can utilise every single minute of your day.

Travelling to Delhi is never too expensive, you can get flights at cheap rates, also Delhi is quite brilliantly connected with the rail network, every other station has a train to Delhi, also you can get hotels according to your budget from an ordinary one to a 7 star.
As I reached Delhi, the first thing which attracted me was the airport itself, known as IGI, it is one of the busiest airports in the world, it is constructed so well that it can catch anyone's attention, so the first thing you should see is the Delhi Airport!

From the Airport I moved to Hotel, and guess what, the hotel was much attractive as well, I was loving this architecture thing of Delhi.


Living the dream, in the City of Dreams: Mumbai!

19th June 2017
Mumbai, a city which is a paradise for every traveller, despite his/her nationality. It was the same for me, it started back in 2008, the wish to travel, travel Mumbai: The Taj Mahal Palace, Nariman Point, CST(Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, previously known as Victoria Terminus).
After a wait of 9 long years, finally, I was going to make it to Mumbai, this June.

As the month of June arrived, I got more curious about something which I've been wishing for last 9 years, finally, I was going to make it. I had this flight from Indore to Mumbai on 19th of June.

So I was here in Mumbai, while I was in flight, I planned up things to do in Mumbai, got a cab from Airport and moved to the hotel and meanwhile, I saw this beautiful flyover built over the Arabian Sea, which made Mumbai more beautiful since ever it was.

After reaching the hotel and having my breakfast, I moved to The Taj Mahal Palace, which was on my list since 2008. The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is a "Heritage G…